Bangkok in the Guinness book of the records

The insiders will know it long ago. Official name of Bangkok is a book of the records the longest local name of the world according to Guinness. In the inscription familiar to us he looks like this:

Krungthep Mahanakhon Bovorn Ratanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokpop Noparatratchathani Burirom Udomratchanivetmahasathan Amornpiman Avatarnsathit Sakkathattiyavisnukarmprasit

If this translates meant:
Big town of the angels, the highest hoard of divine jewels, big invincible country, big and excellent empire, marvellous royal capital, decorated with nine heavenly precious stones, the highest king’s seat and royal palace, hostel of the gods and house of the reborn souls.

Everything clearly? Then please till tomorrow learn by heart.

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Floods – Central Plain, North hit hard

The persistent heavy rainfall has led at the central level and in the north to floods and with it has raised the risk that also other regions could be flooded. The heavy rainfall of the past days has brought the canals in the region of Ayutthaya `see for overrunning. Besides, were flooded more than 100 houses and approx. 10,000 Rai of the rice fields as well as fruit plantations and vegetable plantations and fishponds. The rice farmers had to hurry up to pump the water of the fields not to lose the harvest. The local authorities have already installed pumps on the affected surfaces. More than 500 officials were mobilised to supply the affected persons with food and drinking water.

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Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club” – Ice Skating in Bangkok

This is no dull and normal ice rink separate rather a nightclub on the ice. 682 square metres of ice surface is liked particularly with teenagers of Bangkok very much. As soon as the sun sets, club changes of the „Sub-Zero Ice to skat“ into a cool disco with the tube flashlights and different DJ `S. which provide together with the “Angel-Dancers” for the necessary mood. Small snacks and drinks are served at the “Ice bars” made from real ice. Of the „Sub-Zero Ice to skat club“ is a nice meeting place to have fun with friends or the family or to get to know new people. For beginners the possibility comes up, with experienced teachers go skating to learn figure skating, ice quick run or even hockey. Courses cost between 900 and 2400 Baht and in a shop exists the possibility to acquire the newest highlights of the scene. And Bangkok would not be Bangkok if they did not have also here the possibility to make happy her closer surroundings with her karaoke abilities.

Ratchadaphisek Rd, Esplanade 4F
MRT-Station „Cultural Centre“
Tel. 02-354- 2134
Öffnungszeiten: 11.00 Uhr – 01.00 Uhr
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“Siam Ocean World” – Bangkoks mysterious underwater world

Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World

The trip by the underwater world of “Siam Ocean World” is for children as well as for adults a noteworthy experience. Here they can marvel at at 400 animal species like sharks, cuttlefishes, Mantas and other 30,000 sea inhabitants in 7 different zones of the aquarium. A glass ground boat leads them by the Mio. 2,8-litre baker. For the visitors the aquarium offers the possibility to take part in dives and shark fish feedings. There is further information for courageous shark fish divers of Bangkok under For the small breaks the aquarium offers a cafe with snack bar in the rain forest zone. “Siam Ocean World” lies in the basement of the shopping centre “Siam Paragon” and is to be reached comfortably with the Skytrain.

Siam Paragon (B1 and B2)
991 Rama I Rd.,  BTS-Station “Siam”
Tel. 0-2687-2000
Öffnungszeiten: täglich von 10.00 Uhr bis 21.00 Uhr
                                 Letzter Einlass um 20.00 Uhr
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Cooking thai style -part 2-

The rice is the main part of the Thai kitchen and is served to the most different courts in a big bowl or plate. In the rural families the Thais on a reed mat which is rolled out on the floor sit around the plates with the most different courts together. Everybody takes a small serving of rice on his plate and helps itself at the other courts. Often something sharp is taken by a plate and then a little bit mild roasted of the other plate. Differently than in Germany soups than hors-d’oeuvre and will not separate separately as a court belonging to it to the main dishes served.

The courts are eaten with spoon and fork. Besides, the fork serves to push the rice, mixed with the other courts, on the spoon and afterwards in the mouth. Merely pasta dishes are eaten with rod.

Follows: Should they sit with her friends or a Thai family on the floor with food, pay attention on it that her soles are directed to the floor and not to food or to her opponent, because feet are valid in Thailand as an impure body part.

Then in the other course of my Blogs I will introduce to you the interesting and tasty dishes whom they can prepare without problems at home.

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Nana has facelift to stay young

Bangkok Post 22.08.2010
Writer: Maxmilian Wechsler
Nana Entertainment

Nana Entertainment

One of Bangkok’s most notorious nightspots, Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4, is getting a facelift. Many of the mostly foreign customers who frequent Nana Plaza have been surprised to find that all the beer bars on the ground floor in the middle of the complex have been demolished. The open area in the centre of the three-storey complex is now a construction site, and the hundreds of bar girls and ladyboys who work in Nana Plaza have to skirt around bags of cement and building material to get to the many go-go bars and other businesses that were set up there in the early 1990s. The square, where construction work has been going on for a few weeks, is surrounded by three-storey buildings housing dozens of entertainment venues, including go-go and ladyboy bars.

A tall foreigner, who some of the bar girls called ”boss”, has been directing workers at the construction site. He was reluctant to talk, as was a Thai manager of the construction firm doing the work. But according to a source, the demolition of the beer bars at Nana Plaza was prompted by a visit by officials from the Klong Toey district office.

”After the Santika pub fire on New Year’s Eve in 2008 that resulted in many deaths and injuries, officials came to the plaza to check safety issues such as fire exits. ”They want to prevent a similar accident happening here,” said the source. ”They expressed concern about the fire hazard caused by those beer bars because they were blocking the way for fire trucks to reach any of the buildings behind them. ”If fire broke out at Nana Plaza it would cause another tragedy, so the officials ordered that those beer bars be torn down.” When the ”boss” was asked if the reason for the facelift was due to safety concerns by local authorities, he simply answered: ”Maybe. But there are also other reasons.” Ms Pen, a bartender at Nana Plaza who has worked there for many years, said the square in the centre of the complex was originally a car park, but someone decided to open a small bar and more were added later on.

”Many foreigners have complained for years that Nana Plaza is a fire trap, posing a danger to hundreds of customers and employees alike, because there is only one way to escape _ and that is through the narrow entrance from Soi 4,” she said. The demolition of the beer bars and the reconstruction work started at the end of last month and should be finished within two months. She said the new set-up will also feature live music and a dance floor. ”One construction worker told me that the new chairs, tables and other fittings are designed to be easily removed after closing time or during an emergency.

”The new beer bars being built there will be covered by a high roof, so that even a large fire truck will be able to drive under it.” However, few patrons are convinced the renovations will make the place any safer if fire breaks out. ”The beer bars which are under construction won’t solve this problem,” said a regular foreign customer who thought the whole thing was a gimmick. He prefers to sit and drink close to the entrance to Nana Plaza instead of at outlets on the second or third floor because of concerns about a fire. Several talkative bar girls said they were also concerned about the fire hazard issue. ”We have to wait and see how safer the new beer bars at the square are going to be than those previous ones,” said one bar girl.

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Cooking thai style -part 1-

As one of the best and most many-sided kitchens of the world cooking in Thai kind gives only properly pleasure. I give in the 1st part of my report a short insight into the way of life of the Thais.
Differently than in Germany the day does not begin with bread roll and coffee. In the morning in Thailand the courts are eaten, which also at noon or in the evening can be eaten. Rice, soups, fish or meat courses with vegetables or a tasty papaya salad can find again them at every time of day on the plates of the Thais. Just in a city like Bangkok is cooked rather seldom. Many inhabitants of Bangkok buy tasty little things in the countless done kitchens of the town to themselves with pleasure several times on the day. The courts are affordable with prices between 20 and 50 Baht.
If necessary it may also be a little bag with fresh fruit, e.g., pineapple, papaya, melon or mango with prices between 10 and 20 Baht.
I report the other in the 2nd part of the cooking row…….

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