DsSB – German speaking school of Bangkok

The DsSB is a school of Swiss coinage for German-speaking children with a well-balanced offer, starting from the “cradle children” (from 18 months) about the kindergarten children (from 3 years) up to the general university maturity (Swiss school-leaving exam). The maturity report entitles to the admission of a study in Swiss, German and Austrian colleges. The school is political and confessional neutral and is led on charitable basis. She takes up German-speaking pupils of all nations.

Overview above the school costs (state: School year 2010/2011):  dssb fees

RIS Swiss Section, Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok
Daniel Halter, Direktor
6/1 Ramkamhaeng 184 Road, Minburi, Bangkok 10510
Telefon: +66 2 518-0340
Fax: +66 2 518-0341
Internet:  http://www.dssb.org/
E-Mail:  admin@dssb.org
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